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Changes in Google business cards My Company - new types of Google Post! Check out the opinions of the FunkyMedia specialist on these changes

We should get used to the fact that Google is constantly introducing changes. Now it's time for news in Google business cards. Recently, new types of entries have been available there. We can publish offers and products, thanks to which we can distinguish our brand and its business card in Google My Company even better!

Google Post, which we can publish in the Google My Company business card, is a great opportunity to provide users with additional information. If someone is looking for a local business using Google's search engine or maps, it will be easier for them to reach us. From now on we have new types of posts available - thanks to which we will be able to offer our customers even more.

Google Post - which entries can we use? See FunkyMedia reviews about Google's My Company business card

Until now we could use two types of entries in our Google business card. Currently, after the changes in Google we have at our disposal as many as 4 types, that is:

  • News - they have the ability to attach a video or photo, and in addition, you can attach the CTA button to the entry, or call to action. The main task of such entries is to provide general information about the company.
  • Event - a way to promote an event. Thanks to such posts we can inform about the date and time of the beginning of the event, but also add photos or videos to it or add a button calling for action.
  • Offer - these are special posts for promotion. Thanks to them, you can advertise your services, inform about additional special offers, give users a discount or rebate and provide information about sales. We just need to set the name of the offer, add its exact description and the date of the offer's duration.
  • Product - thanks to these entries you can present your product or offer. Just upload a photo or video, add a title, price range or description, and you're done.

Entries in Google My Company is created very quickly and intuitively. Just a few minutes and we can preview a new post before publishing it. This ensures that everything is displayed correctly.


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