Curved screen, 4K, Smart TV - what do we expect from a modern TV set?


Watching different models of TV sets in the showroom, we can come across unknown names, terms of technology or modern solutions. It's not easy to find yourself in this, so it's worth more or less defining what we're looking for. We usually answer salesmen's questions by saying that we are interested in curved screen, 4K, high quality sharp picture, large screen - e.g. 75-inch TV set is also on the top, as well as functionality of SmartTV.

The 75-inch TV is the most popular model for living rooms, although it is also popular for smaller, less than 50-inch TVs. These look perfect in the living room of smaller apartments. However, regardless of its size, every TV must have modern features and innovative technologies in order to attract our attention.

Manufacturers take care of it, constantly presenting new models and solutions - e.g. curved screen, 4K, Quantum Dot, etc. Below we discuss selected features of TV sets - it is them that buyers usually pay attention to when looking for the ideal model for themselves.

Curved screen, 4K, QLED - how not to get lost in it?

TVs with curved screens, the so-called Curved TVs, quickly became very popular. There are many advantages of a curved screen - including the realism of images, because the entire display is at the same distance from our eyes. So we are absorbed by the film, TV series, concert and other attractions offered by Smart TV.

They optically extend our field of view and we can feel like in a cinema. All the more so if we have a 75-inch TV. Therefore, our viewing comfort is significantly improved. Some are afraid of distortion, but wrongly - the curvature of the screen is similar to the curvature of the human eye.

4K, Full HD, UHD - what's worth buying?

Another challenge awaits us if we are to determine the type of resolution. A wide range of models available on the market does not make our task any easier. However, we have to choose what kind of TV we want. We already know that we like the curved TV - 4K or Full HD is another dilemma. Although 4K (UHD) is a fabulous resolution and the difference is really huge, which you can see right away. There are, however, two important "buts"...

It should be taken into account that the difference in price is also noticeable. In addition, most movies need to be scaled from lower to higher resolution to see this high quality. So let's ask the shop to show a lower resolution movie, because the materials provided by the manufacturer will be cheating us... It is also worth mentioning that the terms 4K and Ultra HD are used interchangeably.

Smart TV - standard in a modern TV set

In fact, most TV sets on the market already offer Smart TV. It's been a few years since the launch of smart TVs, but at first they were very expensive, and the possibilities themselves seemed interesting, but only just beginning. Currently it is a standard, and individual platforms are developing rapidly.

First of all, we have access to the Internet and services for viewing various content, such as VOD and Netflix. Intelligent TVs also let you stream images and personalise them, so you can adjust your settings to show off your favorite shows. The more expensive models also offer additional advanced features and simple control.


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