Company account - what is the best?


Persons intending to start a business often have to choose an account dedicated to entrepreneurs. It is not an easy task, counting on an attractive offer. However, it is worthwhile to devote time to the analysis of available products, in order to save even several hundred zlotys annually.

There are many factors that determine the choice of a company account. The level of fees and commissions charged plays an important role in particular. The products on offer should therefore be 'scanned' thoroughly.

No fees for opening and maintaining an account

When choosing a company account, it is worth paying attention to the fees for opening and maintaining the account. In most cases, opening an account is free of charge, while fees are usually charged for maintaining an account - month after month.

It is worth to be aware, however, that there are accounts available on the market dedicated to entrepreneurs, where both the opening and maintenance fees amount to PLN 0.

Free standard transfers

Many entrepreneurs make even dozens of standard transfers within a month. Taking into account the fact that one transfer is 1 PLN, in a year's scale it is an expense of even several hundred PLN.

If you know that your business activity will involve making at least several transfers a month - not only to the tax office or ZUS - look for accounts where the bank does not charge for standard transfers.

Free of charge for using a payment card

Provided that you use a payment card as an entrepreneur, you must take into account any charges you may have. While in most banks it is free (except for applying for a duplicate card), monthly service is charged. In many banks, the fee can be waived if several conditions are met, e.g. a non-cash transaction for a specific amount, etc., are met.

With a company account, you can use other banking products

A company account is not only a possibility to receive revenues from issued invoices and dispose of them. Entrepreneurs can easily use additional banking products such as loans, deposits and savings accounts.

Credits are available with minimum formalities - there is no need to provide tax returns, etc. In the case of deposits, it is possible to open them without verification. The same applies to savings accounts.


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