The return to the past, the era of emulators


Who doesn't like to remember the old days, or browse the photos from years ago? On this occasion, it happens that reflection comes and we find that things used to be different, maybe better. There were no smartphones, no laptops, no tablets. Computers were a rarity, so you spent more time outdoors.

However, the development of technology has its good sides. The great surprise of the youth of her time was when she discovered that on a computer or laptop you can run a game with the cult Pegasus. It was enough to have one program, appropriate files and you could remember your favorite items from childhood, such as Contra, Mario, or Tanki. They were not the same impressions as when playing on a console connected to the TV, but still a big smile appeared on the face. Today, the Internet reveals knowledge about other emulators. Thanks to them you can "fire up" even the games known to us from slot machines in the arcades!

An emulator doesn't have a name.

If you remember Adam Malysz's serial victories on the ski jumps of Europe and the world, the name Deluxe Ski Jump is no stranger to you. During the "Little Mania" we watched the competition on TV and then flew on computer screens. The DSJ was even given a common name - Malysz Game. Its creator, Finn Jussi Koksela, developed the project, created modernized versions, but this graphically poor, original DSJ gained great popularity, not only in Poland. Years pass and ski jumping fans still like to play Deluxe Ski Jump. Unfortunately, it is not possible to run the game on the newer Windows. However, there is an output - the DosBox program, a DOS emulator, is beneficial. If we configure it properly, retro-style virtual jumping will be possible!

CD or DVD emulators have also become very useful in the past. People downloaded a lot of games from the Internet (these were strictly PC games) in the form of CD images. If there was a suitable program on your computer, you could install the game in this way without having to insert the disks into the drive.

Modern applications, so why do I need an Android emulator?

Times change, but emulators are not a thing of the past. Perhaps the above mentioned applications are not used so often anymore, but new possibilities have appeared. A great example of evolution is Android emulator. In short, it is possible to use applications well-known from smartphones on Windows (including the PC). These are both games and other tools. Android Emulator also allows you to run applications related to social media. You can use them as you please and according to your own needs.

On the Internet you will find at least a few interesting Android emulators. They differ not only in their name but also in their properties. What is important, you can download free, but functional applications or bet on more extensive and paid versions. Emulators have interesting features, such as choosing between a virtual smartphone or tablet, or adjusting the resolution and allocation of memory size and processor cores. It's easy - you install an Android emulator and have a smartphone or tablet on your computer screen.


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