What is Digital Body Language?


Digital Body Language and Marketing Automation are great ways to check the signals sent by customers when we are unable to see them face to face. Unfortunately, such a meeting would be the best and allowed to choose the most appropriate means to convince the potential customer to buy, for example, some goods. Due to the fact that many activities are currently taking place in the Internet space, similar identification is difficult. However, it is not impossible! How can you get to know your customer's needs well?

What is DBL?

Meeting a customer face-to-face gives you extraordinary opportunities that can affect the sales effect. We are able to recognize if you are interested in our offer, see its excitement or nervousness, we can choose the right vocabulary for the way you express yourself, hit sensitive points and thus encourage you to use our services - in short, during the conversation you can carefully observe the interlocutor and choose the right way of acting. This cannot be used when trading over the Internet - here we do not see the customer. However, we can see the effects of his activities in the network and thus we can recognize his needs! That's what Digital Body Language is, a chance to get to know your client better, even if you don't see them directly.

DBL is a trace that remains after the client in the Internet space and that we can trace - it moves on the web, as if it really had a digital body. Once we have tracked everything, we can then interpret the acquired knowledge and even monitor the further actions of our client. You can even say that in a way a similar peeping is much more effective than the real one, because it is harder to confuse and deceive us - during the conversation the customer may want to conceal some things and will not tell us the truth. On the web, his activities are rather honest - he checks what he is really interested in - and we can use it.

Marketing Automation and DBL Digital Body Language is based on what is known as Marketing Automation. It points to the use of special software that allows effective monitoring of customer activity and the use of numerous tools to increase sales effectiveness. You can find out more about each customer by checking some facts about them. How often does he visit your website? Where did this potential client come from? Did anyone direct it to the site or did they find it themselves? This is important because it allows you to verify the effectiveness of your own existing marketing activities and find out where new customers get their knowledge about us from. Checking what exactly he was doing on a given website we can also find out if he is really interested in the offer (and, for example, send him a newsletter with a matching proposal). If he is browsing the website for a long time and enters subpages, he is clearly looking for something - maybe he will actually buy something! If you log on to the website or fill in a form, your interest is clear - you will probably order something soon and it is worthwhile to continue monitoring this person. By taking similar steps, we can soon create a whole customer base (Buyer Persona), sending a personalized offer - and by matching the person's taste and needs, we increase the chance of success!


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