Learn more about the types of advertising on the Internet


Today, every company should carry out at least minimal advertising activities on the Internet. This is where users look for solutions to their problems, interesting products that stand out not only because of their low price, but also because of their high quality of workmanship. Let yourself be found! Check with us the types of advertising on the Internet and choose the best option for you.

Types of Internet advertising:

Google Ads advertising, once Adwords.

Paid forms of advertising in Google Ads will bring the desired effects in the shortest possible time. Top positions in paid search results are achievable on the first day. Costs depend on the industry in which we want to advertise and the competition for selected keywords / advertising space. Google Ads include paid links that appear at the top of the screen right under the search term in Google. The form of settlement depends on the customer, but the most frequently chosen form is payment for clicks in the advertisement.

The biggest advantage of this type of activity is the quick reaching of the appropriate group of recipients. Additionally, we can adjust the advertisement in terms of the region in which it will be displayed, gender, age of the recipient, etc. Unfortunately, this type of solution also has its drawbacks. Recipients do not always willingly click on sponsored links. In order to achieve the right results, the advertising strategy must be well thought out.

Positioning and SEO

Positioning and SEO are often misidentified terms. Positioning is a series of different activities influencing the position of the website, they also include SEO activities, which is all that is associated with the optimization of the website. Positioning and SEO have one goal, which is to achieve a high and stable position in the natural search results. Here we strive to make sure that after entering the key phrase in the google web pages are displayed as high as possible without the tag "advertisement". It is an effective way of gaining customers, but taking the highest positions on selected phrases is long-lasting. In the case of shop positioning, we do not see the effects immediately, but only after some time. However, this is a much cheaper form of advertising than Google Ads advertising. This form of advertising is accompanied, among others, by sponsored articles, thanks to which we build awareness of the existence of the brand, provide our customers with the necessary knowledge and increase their credibility.

Advertising banners

We can buy advertising banners in the form of squares or rectangles on various websites. It is best to choose a website similar to the advertised industry. Advertisements in the form of banners can be dynamic, graphic, film, animated or static. A well-designed banner can bring a large number of people to our website and give us a large reach. Unfortunately, banners do not work on all users.

E-mail marketing

This is a good solution if we run an online shop with products to which customers often return. Thanks to newsletters we remind our customers about new products, promotions and discounts from our offer.

Advertising in Social Media

Every company should be present in Social Media. Thanks to the company's presence in the most popular social networks, we have a chance to build brand awareness faster. By running company profiles in social channels we facilitate contact with potential customers.


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