UX Design, what's this all about?


User Experience is not a black magic - it's an industrial design, it's a digital version. When designing a washing machine, industrial designers must take care of its functionality, whether it will be ergonomic, what materials it will be made of, what impact it has on costs and technology, and finally - for which customers it is dedicated. They must also make it look aesthetically pleasing and will be intuitive and cool to use. In short, UX designers do the same thing, not with physical products, but with digital products.

What is the responsibility of the UX practitioner?

The area of activity of usability experts is very wide. In fact, anyone who participates in the process of creating a product or service is a UX Designer. After all, it has an impact on how the end user will benefit from what we have done and how they will feel at the same time. However, in order to structure this a little bit, the following range of actions can be adopted at a very general level:

  • research with users
  • development of functional requirements specifications
  • user needs analysis
  • development of information architecture
  • presenting the functional idea of products and services.
  • creating mockups and prototypes (although it often happens that UX Designer's duties end there, which is unfortunately a bad but frequent practice).

Errors in UX

Errors in UX

Unconsidered interface

A clear information architecture and simple navigation are the elements that allow you to navigate through the service/application without any problems and do not embarrass the user. First, ask yourself a few questions: What is the website about? How will the user move around it? How many steps should he take to achieve goal X (registration, purchase, finding information)? Many people make a serious mistake - they design a website without taking into account its development or multilingualism. If it is for example an online shop, it is worth to think about the categories (will new ones appear?) or take into account the growing number of products.

Misconceptions about usability tests

Many designers assume that they need a dozen or so specialists, including analysts, designers and a huge number of respondents to catch usability errors. Turns out it's not necessarily true. Jakob Nielsenpisze that it is enough to survey 5 respondents who are able to capture up to 80% of usability errors on the website. Errors in UX can therefore be detected with a low budget, but keep in mind that a team working on a service or application may misinterpret the test results.

What should I recommend to people who intend to become UX specialists in the future?

At the beginning of its journey it is worth looking for the greatest opportunities for development and practicing. Practice is very important in this area. The bigger the position, the easier it is to find the position you want.


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