Do you advertise on Facebook? Here are some mistakes to avoid!


Social media marketing, i.e. advertising on social media, is currently a popular method of gaining and retaining customers.

Social media, especially Facebook, are powerful tools in the hands of entrepreneurs. Nowadays, most companies use social media to create a group of fans there and present them with an advertising message - it can be done even for free, but there are also paid methods available, such as Facebook advertising such as Facebook Ads.

Advertising on Facebook may seem very simple, because just running your own profile on this site is also not complicated. However, advertising on Facebook is not only a high effectiveness, but also a risk to which every company running its own fanpage can be exposed.

One error can have a high price

On the Internet, information spreads rapidly - this is possible mainly thanks to social media. Therefore, popular Facebook can be both a very effective tool in reaching customers, but on the other hand it can also cause their loss.

It can cost a lot to publish an insulting entry, not reacting to customer reports and other errors in social media marketing. We suggest how to make your Facebook ads free from popular errors!

  1. No target group defined

    The target group on Facebook is a group of people to whom we want to direct our advertising message. This message should be adapted to the requirements and expectations of the target group, because that is when the greatest effectiveness can be achieved.

    It is necessary to take into account, among other things, age, gender, interests of the target group, its shopping habits and a number of other demographic data. It is worth remembering that both too narrow and too wide target group will not be good!

    When Facebook ads are not tailored to your target audience's expectations, they simply do not work - even when the advertiser wants to use paid Facebook Ads.

  2. Lack of regular entries in the account

    Creating a company account on Facebook and not publishing entries is also a popular mistake. Currently, more and more people use social networking sites and search for information about companies also using them.

    It is therefore worth systematically adding entries to your profile to support the creation of a loyal group of fans.

  3. No interaction with fans

    The essence of advertising on Facebook is the interaction with fans - their interest and involvement in the action, for example, encouraging them to place an order.

    If the Facebook profile manager does not communicate with the fans in any way, for example does not answer their questions, then this may have a negative impact on the company's image.

  4. No information about the presence on Facebook

    Although many people using the Internet can find their own account in social media company, some people just don't look for it.

    In order to inform customers, including potential customers, about the fact that a company is present on Facebook, it is advisable to use appropriate markings on your website. A link to an advertisement on Facebook is enough to redirect interested persons there.

  5. Unconsidered profile entries

    Entries published on Facebook should be universal enough to reach the widest possible target group. It is best that they do not raise controversial topics and do not cause polarization of fans, i.e. do not lead to disputes between them.

    Even one ill-considered entry on Facebook may be a serious problem for the company and may ruin its previous promotional activities.


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