UX Design - what is it and why is it so important?


New consumer needs and innovative solutions require employees specialised in innovative fields. This trend is perfectly in line with one of the most popular recent competitions in the IT industry, which is UX Designer.

What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) is simply a "user experience". But what is more specific about this term? Most often, in the context of UX, we talk about emotions and feelings that accompany the user in contact with a specific product or service. In fact, the term "User Experience" became widely used thanks to the professor of cognitive psychology Don Norman. He is a leading figure in computer interface design (HCI). In 1993, he joined Apple as an Architect User Experience, which was a complete novelty at the time. In the following years, new technology companies started to hire UX specialists, but the greatest demand for such employees started only in 2000.

What characterizes a good UX Designer?

A good UX specialist is characterized by the ability to think analytically and empathize with other people, the ability to listen, argue and cooperate, as well as the sense of aesthetics and technical familiarity. A great advantage is the knowledge of technology, use of colors, trends in design, as well as design patterns used on the WWW / iOS / Android. Some companies require UX to be able to prepare graphics or to know the basics of programming, especially CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Where can UX Designer work

Where can UX Designer work?

Among employers who are looking for specialists in this field we will find software housy, interactive agencies, e-commerce, service/telecommunication companies, startups, media companies and many others. In short, anyone who wants to effectively reach a customer/user via a website needs someone to ensure this effectiveness.

Why is he so important?

UX Designer is a profession designed for people who would like to create applications and websites that will be used by satisfied users. Pages designed according to UX art are simply much more efficient! Observing the users of the website and being inspired by the results of this observation we can firstly check whether our website answers their questions and secondly whether it does it well enough.

Let's assume we're running a web-based information service. What will we take into account when designing its appearance? First of all, whether it responds to the needs of users - they are the most important here. Do they move around easily? Are they able to find interesting topics there and leave out what is not important to them? Is the font chosen by us easy to read? Is the use of our service intuitive for them or maybe they quickly come out and switch to a competitor's product?

This is only the tip of the mountain of aspects that we need to analyze to make it easier for our user to use our application and thus earn money more effectively.


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