Scientific calculator - be Pythagoras everywhere!


Are you tired of sinuses and cosmuses at night? Or maybe you still don't understand how to add fractions? You don't have to be Pythagoras and keep all the math in your head. All you need is a scientific calculator in your pocket that will solve all the problems (or rather equations).

When Ramón Verea invented the first counting machine, he probably didn't expect his device to be in every house in a hundred years' time, and other big minds would miniaturize it from the size of a small television set to a packet of cigarettes. And certainly he would be overwhelmed by the idea that in the next few decades scientists will modernize them so that they will be able to calculate trigonometric functions. If Verea even knew what they were...

Scientific calculator not only for scientists

The simplicity of calculators lies in the fact that you can forget about math right after high school or college. We don't encourage you to do that, but will you admit that it's a tempting suggestion? In fact, it happens that some knowledge naturally escapes from the mind and becomes problematic when it has to be recreated at work. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to give up everything and dust off the school library to remember the elements, the delta or the first digits after the Pi number. All you need is a science calculator that's like a good teacher - you ask him a question and he answers.

Scientific calculator

It is called scientific, although in truth its use goes beyond education. This is because the most advanced counters can solve equations of up to 500 functions, which in no way makes them just a teacher's attribute. They are perfect for office work, for example. Accountants in particular can benefit from their practicality - the display will fit much more numbers than simple calculators. What's more, when the screen "finishes" the place, the equation will continue and you don't have to write it on a sheet of paper. This makes it possible to calculate a payroll in which, along the way, there is a lot of deductions and percentages from the gross to the net amount. Or other tax accounts that also throw logs at your feet for every item in the table.

Calculator like a smartphone

However, before you go to work or study, you have to get through the baccalaureate. You cannot use a scientific calculator on the maturity exam, but this does not mean that it cannot help you in your premature training. For example, some Casio calculators feature S-V.P.A.M. technology, which enables the equation to be transcribed to the device in the same form as it is written on the whiteboard. There are also devices with a built-in QR code reader. This makes it easy to "connect" the tool to a smartphone or tablet, which will display the visualization of the solved task as in a notebook.

However, the most important seems to be the function of saving equations in the calculator's memory. It's probably something you've had a hard time getting used to in class. Professional counters will allow you to "postpone" already calculated tasks, so that you do not have to count and write them down on plates like Pythagoras does.


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