How to optimize your mobile website?


Mobile websites are becoming more and more popular and Google's search engine itself "appreciates" them, promoting them to a higher position in search results. Of course, not every website can be described as "mobile device friendly". In order for this requirement to be fulfilled, it must look good on the device without forcing the user to enlarge the content or move the web site sideways. The navigation itself is also very important, so it is ideal if you can navigate with one finger. It is not difficult to guess, therefore, that optimization of the mobile website is a challenge of great importance. Fortunately, this is a challenge that can be met. Where do I start? There are several ways you can refer to to make your website mobile-friendly.

The so called responsive website comes to the fore in this context and this solution is most often recommended by specialists. In particular, such websites are characterised by the fact that their size is adapted to match the size of the device used to view the content of the network. Importantly, the addresses of such websites do not change.

Another solution that is worth taking an interest in is the mobile URL. However, both the address and the html code of the web page must differ depending on the version of it. Regardless of the actions we take, it is recommended to check how the website looks like on individual devices after the changes have been made. It should be of key importance for us in this case that the same images and fonts are clearly displayed. It is worth remembering that our enemy may be mobile plug-ins such as popular flash, as the vast majority of mobile devices cannot read them. It is also important to update the page code, although on platforms such as WordPress this is done automatically.

Optimization of a functioning website

Optimizing a mobile website is not as difficult a task as it might seem to many people. Moreover, the rules on which it takes place are similar to those applicable on static pages. One of the most important aspects to which we should pay attention is the speed of opening the web page. This is why it is worth taking to heart the principle that the less the better. In the case of mobile websites, their modest appearance is really highly valued, as users expect, above all, that they will load quickly. Research confirms that a user of a mobile device usually does not give a website more than three seconds to fully load. If this time is prolonged - close the page and check what the competition has to offer. It is estimated that an ideal mobile website should not weigh more than 20 kB. Fortunately, a few simple tricks can make it easier for us to reduce the weight of the page, and a good idea is to replace the images with CSS code. It is also worth betting on concise content placed on a mobile website, as mobile devices are usually used to search for quick and specific information.

Another aspect worth paying attention to is the arrangement of the content on the site so that the most important information is always at the top. You should also be careful when trying to combine colours, as the eyes of mobile users get tired faster than those who use desktops and laptops. Another issue that should not be ignored is the one that is related to the very operation of the website. Users of mobile devices usually use their finger to do this, so the individual elements of the website must be large enough to make it easy for them to click freely.

How to optimize a mobile website based on data?

While all of the above guidelines are important, we must not forget about the data collected in Google Analytics reports. They are an extremely valuable source of information on what information is most frequently sought after on mobile devices. If we are aware of this, we can put it in the foreground ourselves.

How to optimize forms?

The owners of online stores should be the first to think about the importance of optimizing forms. We should not forget about the fact that the fields to be completed appear above or below their descriptions. This simple trick makes the page narrower and improves the visibility of subsequent fields.

The form of the information on the progress of registration or ordering must also be kept in mind, and the customer must quickly find out where he or she has made a possible mistake. When optimizing a mobile website, the principle that the simpler and more transparent the website is, the better. The minimalist layout improves navigation and makes it less time consuming to find important information, which also makes positioning easier.


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