Advertising gadgets and psychology - how to use knowledge about social behaviour to achieve success in business?


Although advertising gadgets have been known and used for many years, there is still a group of entrepreneurs who underestimate their huge impact on consumer behaviour. The average person is ruled by psychological mechanisms that order him to behave in a certain way. What impact does this have on the popularity and effectiveness of distributing advertising gadgets?

The rules of social life are the subject of psychological research all over the world. They relate not only to social but also consumer behaviour. Their relationship to advertising gadgets is based on the relationship between the behaviour of an individual in a group and the impact that the group can have on the individual.

"Do what's best for you," which is the principle of reciprocity.

The principle of reciprocity is one of the most important social rules, which perfectly reflects the idea of advertising gadgets. According to this principle, when a person is given something, he or she feels the need to repay it. So when a potential customer receives an advertising gadget, they feel obliged to use the donor's offer. A simple pen or calendar with logo and advertising slogan is one of the ways to attract consumer interest, arouses positive feelings in the consumer, which creates room for the seller to act.

Impact of the group on the individual - social proof of equity

The rule of social proof of equity is connected with the phenomenon of normative social influence. Both constructs refer to the influence that the group exerts on an individual and, in the context of advertising gadgets, the consumer group that received the gadget and bought the product, on the consumer that received the gadget but has not yet bought the product. According to social proof of legitimacy, what the group considers to be good and positive is what it considers to be good and positive, so if the group has bought a product, i.e. it is good and the next consumer can also buy it. In this way, retailers create new standards of behaviour based on seemingly banal advertising gadgets.

How do I get the psychology to work?

Psychological rules of social life are very powerful, but in order for them to work as the entrepreneur wants them to, he has to take care of the quality of the message sent to the clients, i.e. advertising gadgets. You should therefore pay special attention to the type of gadgets presented and choose only those that are useful, functional and have a chance to inspire in the person endowed with them.


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