Measures and tools to facilitate the creation of the blogosphere


Probably each of us had the opportunity to host on web blogs. Some people review them regularly to find out a lot of interesting things, read reviews, watch photographs, share their experiences and thoughts. As soon as blogs appeared on the Internet, they also became one of the elements of online marketing. Today we are already dealing with a wide range of e-marketing methods that allow advertisers to use the so-called blogosphere.

Blogosphere is a term referring to all Internet blogs perceived as a social network. Many weblogs are connected to each other. Their authors look at other blogs, leave their comments on them, referring to posts, place links. In this way, blogs began to create their own network, which can also be seen as a social phenomenon. In order to create a blogosphere, various tools are used, which are helpful in this process. Below we present the most popular of them.


This English term refers to the list of links to weblogs on the blog. Most often blogs are placed on such lists, which bloggers often read and recommend themselves. The blogosphere created in this way is also significant in the marketing context - links from blogs influence the position in Google search engine.


The blogosphere is also created by leaving a comment under the entry. Comments can be viewed after entering a specific post or using RSS readers or special services. Blocking comments on a blog reduces the effectiveness of creating the blogosphere, which for the blog owner may mean less profit.


This is a tool that allows you to quote in the blogosphere. Thanks to it, we can easily leave comments on a specific entry in relation to another entry, also on a different blog.


These are services dealing with aggregating information from blogs on the basis of pingback technology. Publishing an entry on the blog sends a ping to the aggregate. Users of aggregates can then view the latest entries on different blogs at the same time.


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