How to prepare a report on research and development?


Poland joined the European Union on 1 May 2004. Since then, larger companies and local, small entrepreneurs have been able to benefit from many co-financing programmes. Thanks to this, they have an influence on the development of their business. Initially, however, research and development work must be carried out. They will allow us to assess whether our project will be competitive. You should check what other companies with similar profiles offer and what customers expect. Thanks to this we will be able to enrich our offer with additional services or products that we have not found in other entrepreneurs.

It is important that our company introduces an innovative idea to the market, which will ensure financial continuity. Therefore, at the end of works a research and development report is prepared.

Methods of conducting the research and development report

All stages of the work can be prepared by yourself. However, it is worth considering whether to use the services of an external entity. In such a situation, the scope of market research and analysis must be clearly defined. Companies that prepare full documentation for obtaining EU grants are also responsible for preparing a full report on research and development work. Such a document is crucial for some programmes. It is important to describe in detail the methodology, the conduct of studies and the conclusions.


What should the R&D report contain?

Each report should first and foremost be properly titled. The exact purpose of the study must be given at the outset. It is necessary to define very precisely what we want to achieve by carrying out the analysis. It is worth remembering, because at the end we will have to write clearly and concretely whether the goal has been achieved. Before starting the research, we must also prepare a precise schedule and the duration of the research work. It is also important to demonstrate that the product or service we are investigating responds to market demand. In the methodology of the research it is worth mentioning the devices we used. If we are working on improving the technology of manufacturing products, we will probably use different production equipment. Therefore, we must also indicate the cost of the research. All these elements should be included in our research and development report.

Assistance in the preparation of the report

Some people may find it very difficult to produce such a report. That is why there are many companies on the market that deal with the preparation of complete documentation of EU projects. One of them is A1 Europe, which has been obtaining EU subsidies for its clients for 14 years. The report prepared by A1 Europe experts will include all the key elements such as: identification of the problem and the research problem, development of the research procedure, consultation of the research results. According to A1 Europe employees, every idea should be carefully analysed in order to check whether a given product will be of interest on the market.


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