Tools supporting online marketing - what to choose?


Today's marketing can't do without the Internet. It is difficult to imagine an effective advertising campaign with newsletters, activities on social networks or promotional films. No wonder that marketing companies are looking for new solutions to improve time-consuming work. Specialised programmes, for which there is no need to pay excessive amounts, will prove to be useful. Here are some of them.


Although it is paid for, Adwords specialists appreciate its usefulness, not worrying about the price. It turns out to be indispensable in the everyday work of an Internet marketing specialist. It has in its menu a tool for searching phrases in Polish, as well as keywords and synonyms. Quality can be seen with the naked eye - Senuto offers extremely precise phrases, which can be successfully used in the campaign. Here, a small loan will not hurt, because the programme is worth using on a daily basis.


Semstorm is the most precise tool on the market, having the largest database of keywords, data is downloaded directly from Google via API. It can support our daily marketing activities on the Internet, help in searching for phrases with high quality positioning. An additional option is the ability to analyze competition and keyword potential.

Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool

These programmes are not accidentally listed in one point. The first one offers access to many useful phrases for positioning, but does not include the long-tail type. Its undeniable advantage is that you don't have to pay for it. The second one, on the other hand, is associated with costs, but we are sure that no long-tail phrase will be hidden during our work. The program has several options available on different price shelves, so we can choose the one that suits us best.


A native tool for monitoring the Internet, which allows us to see all articles and opinions on a previously indicated topic - and this in real time. With this solution, we can react quickly to unflattering opinions. Our reputation and the reputation of our customers is therefore not possible to suffer. The tool is paid for, but only after the use of it has been completed. There are no contracts or consequences in the event of cancellation after a month or two.

Tools supporting Internet marketing are a useful thing. Thanks to them, we can efficiently search for phrases for positioning and conduct current analysis of competition. It is worth remembering, however, that they are only an addition to our skills, intuition and knowledge of the market. Without them, even the best tool can mislead us.


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