Page positioning based on exploiting the full potential of the website


What is positioning - definition

Positioning of websites Serach Engine Optimization is a set of processes aimed at achieving a higher position in organic results. Search engine positioning in the Polish nomenclature refers to activities carried out by editing the code and content of the positioned website (on-page) as well as to activities carried out outside the website (off-page).

What are the advantages of positioning?

If you want your business to appear on the Internet, you can't practically skip the topic of positioning. Is it worth being high in search results? It is estimated that more than 50% of visits to websites from search engines are made by the first ranked website. This fact clearly underlines the legitimacy of SEO measures.

Advantages of positioning:

⦁ Organic traffic is very valuable because the website is presented to the user exactly when he is looking for it. This cannot be said about advertisements in other media such as radio or television.

⦁ Compared to other forms of advertising, positioning usually involves lower costs.

⦁ High positions in search results build recognition and trust in the brand.

⦁ More traffic on the website usually translates into higher revenues for the company.

⦁ SEO usually has a higher ROI (return on investment) than other forms of advertising.

What are the components of positioning?

As previously mentioned, web positioning is usually divided into off-page and on-page activities. For the purposes of this publication, however, we propose a division into 4 categories:


⦁ Quantity and uniqueness of content

⦁ Frequency of adding content


⦁ Page loading speed

⦁ Code optimization

⦁ Site structure, site map

⦁ Version for mobile devices


⦁ Quality of the pages linked to our website

⦁ Total number of links from other websites

⦁ Presence in social media

⦁ Internal linking


⦁ Selection of appropriate keywords

⦁ Planning a SEO strategy

⦁ Contents - Content is king!

What elements of content can we improve?

An absolute basis for positioning a website is its unique content. Let us assume that we have a unique and interesting content for the reader. How can we optimize this content? The following are the main elements for adapting content to search engines:

⦁ Adding and editing tags,

⦁ Appropriate concentration of keywords in the text,

⦁ Selection of headers corresponding to positioned phrases,

⦁ Create a logical structure for HTML headers,

⦁ Modification of alternative text (alt) for graphic elements

⦁ KOD I STRUCTURE - Yes, the site should be created for users, but don't forget the crawlers on your site!

It is recommended to create fast and lightweight pages. What does that mean? In other words, the website code must be optimized in such a way that the search engine bot indexing the website will gladly return to our website. Better optimized code does not go unnoticed by the search algorithm. Optimized websites are not only indexed more often but also classified higher in search results.

Adaptation of the site to W3C standards is the basis, but in this text we do not intend to go into detail in the technical aspects, so below are only listed the key elements to which the site designer should pay attention:

⦁ Optimization of HTML, XHTML, XHTML,

⦁ CSS optimization,

⦁ Limited use of Flash and JavaScript technology,

⦁ XML file application,

⦁ HTTPS protocol

Properly taking care of the improvement of the above elements should result in faster loading time of the site. Google clearly recognizes that the loading time of your website and the time you connect to the server have an impact on the ranking of your search results. The confirmation of this thesis is the PageSpeedInsight tool developed by Google, which allows website owners to check the speed of action. An alternative tool used for this purpose is GTmetrix.

Apart from the optimized code, do not forget about the structure of the service. The recommended URL structure contains the title or keyword in the address.

A well planned site map in no way forces the website owner to properly design the menu (which is often crucial in the context of the implementation of internal linking).

From April 21, 2015, the adaptation of the website to mobile devices has a very large impact on the positioning of the website. The owners of older websites should pay particular attention to this aspect. Google has provided a special tool for testing how the website can be adapted to mobile devices.

⦁ LINKING - quality is more important than quantity.

Link building is an activity consisting in gaining links to a positioned website. Correct implementation of the link strategy is aimed at increasing the number of references to the website, which may translate into higher positions in search results. Nowadays in the environment of people working in the SEO industry more and more it is said that the quality of obtained links is more important than their quantity.

How does the link building work? The principle of link building is simplified by the following graphics

link building

When we talk about linking, we usually mean external sites that refer to our website. However, it is worth to bear in mind that we divide linking into external (described above) and internal (described above). What is internal linking? This is nothing more than creating links to subpages within a single site.

Tags or additional navigation menus (breadcrumbs) can also be used to improve internal linking.

  • Selection of keywords

This is one of the most important steps in optimizing your website. The right choice of words is the basis for the future success of a website. We use paid tools such as or to do this.

We take into account the average monthly number of searches and the competitiveness of phrases. It often pays to optimize the services for less competitive phrases on which it will be easier for us to get to TOP10. However, the most effective action is positioning wide for an unlimited number of phrases.

In conclusion

Positioning is a complicated process, so it is worth considering cooperation with SEO Agency. It is worth defining our goals at the very beginning and establishing regularity and types of reports. With clear rules, it will be easier for us to control an agency.


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