Positioning of online shops - How to measure positioning in an online shop?


Positioning of online shops is a multifaceted process whose aim is to improve the visibility of the website in search engines, as well as to increase the number of conversions. The effectiveness of positioning can be measured in stages - objectives set by the positioners. In order to make sure that the actions bring the expected effect, it is necessary to systematically check indicators such as visibility, visits and sales, and compare them over weeks, months and years. How to effectively measure positioning in an online store?

Positioning stages - which are worth analysing?

The positioning of online shops consists of a number of stages, which should achieve specific objectives:

  • improving and increasing the visibility of the shop in the search engine,
  • increasing the number of visits,
  • increase in the number of conversions (sales or requests received).

The positioning stages can be measured and analyzed with special tools to help you choose the most effective strategy. It is worth analysing: the position of the shop in the search results; the number of visits and the phrases they come from; user behaviour; conversion paths, etc. The analysis of such parameters allows to measure the effectiveness of actions taken.

Stage I - Improvement of visibility

At the beginning of positioning, the most important thing is to improve the visibility of the shop in Google search results. Visibility and any changes in the position of an online store can be checked with specialist analytical tools, such as e.g. the "e-shop":

  • Senuto,
  • Searchmetrics.

In the beginning, the increase in the visibility of the store in Google may be a promotion from one hundredth to eighty pages of Google search results. Keep in mind that shop positioning is a long-term process that takes time and large changes do not occur overnight. At the beginning of positioning it is worth checking in particular the number of phrases in the TOP10, as well as whether the phrases match the presented offer. The initial analysis and subsequent simple optimization are the steps that will improve the visibility of the website, and then increase the conversion.

Stage II - Analysis of the number of visits

Positioning of online shops is a process that does not end when the website is in TOP10 or TOP50. At the stage when the shop is already displayed in search results it is worthwhile to analyze the growth of users in Google Analytics universal tool. Another, equally useful analytical tool that can be used when analyzing the number of visits is Google Search Console, which allows you to trace the phrases after which the page was visited.

Stage III - Increase in conversion rate

Effective positioning should ensure that a large number of visits translates into a sufficiently large number of conversions. In order to check whether the positioning of online shops is effective, it is necessary to conduct an analysis of the effectiveness of visits. Particular attention should be paid to this:

  • whether visits generate conversions,
  • what sources are involved in obtaining conversions (organic, links, advertisements, social media).

Google Analytics offers the possibility to generate a report of the most popular conversion paths, as well as to check how converting users behave. Very often, the report shows that on the conversion path many shop visits come from Google. This means that positioning is effective and brings the expected results.

When there are many visits to the store and sales remain low, you should analyze the behavior of users. Tools such as Yandex Metrica or Mouse Flow will help. The analysis should take into account factors such as

  • technical aspects (perhaps customers are resigning because the website is not working well),
  • content (whether they convince to buy, clearly present an offer, are unique),
  • Purchasing path (or not consisting of too many stages),
  • access to information (whether the customer will receive information on costs and terms of delivery and payment methods from the level of each page),
  • menu (whether the product is easy to find or not it is too deeply embedded in the next subcategories).

Analysis of the positioning of the online store - the key to success

The positioning of an online store is effective if it leads to sales. On the other hand, the analysis of individual stages of positioning is extremely important, as it leads to conclusions about what can be improved to achieve better visibility or more conversions. At some stage in the positioning process, optimization of the conversion ratio, i.e. activities that increase sales, may dominate.


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