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Are you at the stage of starting your own business and are wondering how to approach the issue of promotion? Don't you want to invest a lot of money yet, but at the same time you want to effectively reach as many potential clients as possible? Therefore, opt for traditional leaflets, which are an effective form of direct advertising. Find out more from the guide.

Why should you bet on advertising leaflets?

The image is the most appealing to most of us. Every visitor quickly remembers advertising messages on billboards, posters or on TV. Unfortunately, in this case prices can be dizzying, so a person entering the world of business must look for something else. It is worthwhile to think about advertising leaflets. If you order several thousand pieces, the cost may reach even a few groszy for a single leaflet. We'll still have to hire people to distribute the leaflets. Fortunately, in this case you will easily find interested parties who will want to work even for less than 10 PLN per hour. Distribution of advertising leaflets is an attractive job especially for students who want to earn their first money in life.

You will also be able to hand out leaflets in person on various occasions. It is worth to have them always with you, whenever there may be an opportunity to talk to a potential customer. Don't forget about leaflets, especially during company events. Ordering leaflets via the Internet is very simple, just use the offer of one of the hundreds of printing houses.


Which leaflets will be the best?

Printers will prepare visually attractive leaflets for you, which you will be able to design according to your personal preferences. It is worthwhile to add precise contact details of your company, its name, logotypes, as well as attractive graphic materials. The flyer should be graphically tailored to your company's visual identification system. Thanks to this you will be able to shape its positive image at the same time. Remember that the font should be legible and color-matched. Avoid information overload - focus only on key messages that may be of interest to potential customers. It is worth exposing information concerning promotion or collection of new products. If you run a company website or Fan Page on Facebook, then don't forget to indicate their address.

Are you afraid that leaflets will degrade when distributed in harsh weather conditions? So ask them to print on waterproof paper using UV ink. Believe there is nothing worse than wet leaflets or faded from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Distribute leaflets directly or put them in post boxes?

Advertising leaflets handed out in person are much more effective than mailboxes. Direct contact increases the willingness of potential customers to reach for and read the leaflet. This is especially the case if you hire cheerful and cheerful leaflet makers who can handle interpersonal communication well.


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