What is a responsive website?

Responsie Web Design (RWD) is a website designed so that its layout automatically adjusts to the size of the screen on which the content is displayed. The advantage of the solution is that by creating one version of the page, all changes are reflected regardless of the diagonal of the screen on: laptop, smartphone or tablet. A responsive website also means clear fonts, large photos, clear descriptions, and navigation that adapts to your device. RWD technology can be used not only to create a standard company website or online shop, but also any other type of website.

Benefits of implementing a responsive website

The implementation of the RWD website is supported by the fact that Google promotes websites that look good on every device. Thus, the websites designed in this way are displayed in higher search engine positions, and this may be an element of building a competitive advantage of the company. Moreover, consumers like to feel comfortable surfing the web, so providing them with convenient access to online content and products from any mobile device can be one of the factors enabling companies to reach a stable audience.

Site execution order - what to take into account?

A responsive website is an investment for a company, for which it is necessary to prepare properly. It is very important to choose a service provider - you can start by browsing the Internet. The following factors should also be taken into account before making a decision:

  • experience of the service provider in designing responsive websites - it is worth to get acquainted with the portfolio of completed projects and watch the working websites using a mobile device,

  • individual approach to the client - creating a website in responsive technology requires preparing a project that should be created in accordance with the client's expectations and taking into account the possibilities and technical limitations of the solution,

  • warranty on the prepared and implemented website - it is important that the project is covered by a warranty, which will allow you to make any possible improvements after its implementation,

  • designing a website with a CMS system - an easy-to-use system that allows you to independently introduce changes, for example, inserting new products, changing photos and content,

Consumers are increasingly eager to use the Internet and like to do it conveniently, so shopping without leaving home is already a standard, as is access to websites and online shops via any mobile device anywhere, anytime. Companies that want to retain existing customers and gain new ones should meet the expectations of consumers and consider implementing a solution such as a responsive website.


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