What is coworking? - Advantages of offices per hour


Coworking offices have become a hit in the world and their number is slowly increasing in Poland. The name adopted in our country, too, means no more or no less than "working together" and is most appropriate. Many people will probably be surprised at this moment - after all, companies usually work together! In this case, however, the point is that a single coworking office may be the seat of people working in different companies, or even of those who are self-employed. What is the purpose of working together like this and what is all this really about?

Coworking - definition

Coworking (also known as co-working) is a possibility to work together in one office space of people whose industry sometimes does not connect with each other at all. A computer graphic designer can sit at one desk, a copywriter at the other, a photographer at the third, and a web journalist at the next. What do they have in common? The fact that they can work remotely in their companies - via the Internet - and they are often also freelancers who carry out orders for various companies, so they are not permanently employed anywhere.

In coworking offices you rent desks, not all the space - the charges can be per hour, per week or per month. It all depends on how long the person wants to come to the office. Of course, there is nothing to prevent some fresh activity, such as three people also working in a coworking office - you can even register your activity at its address, instead of renting a whole, separate office and paying a lot of money, or register your activity at your home address. Then these three people from one company share space with (initially) strangers, and so there is still joint work of people from many different industries.

coworking office

Advantages of the coworking office

Many people dream of having the opportunity to work at home - they imagine it's a real idyll! We get up at the time that suits us, we do our work when we have the time and desire (even in the evenings or at night), we can always take a nap, have a snack, go somewhere, etc... Of course, working from home has many advantages - for example, you don't have to take L4 when you're sick, or stand on a cold, snowy day at a bus stop, freezing and waiting for a bus.

But the disadvantages are also numerous - mainly related to motivation. Perhaps everyone seems to find it easy to motivate themselves to work at home, but because of the numerous possibilities, the lack of restrictions (just related to the time of waking up, etc.), companions who would look at the hands and numerous distractions (Internet, television, book, etc.), focus and solid, fast performance of their tasks is really difficult!

In the coworking office, the freelancers get what they need - just leaving home and getting to a place where everyone focuses on their work motivates them to achieve their goals. We want to show others how we're doing, we hear from everywhere "How's it going? Are you finished?", we are in a place where everyone works intensively and which encourages concentration, because it is created in accordance with the latest recommendations. The space is arranged in such a way as to provide the greatest possible comfort to the clients renting desks and to stimulate them to act. Therefore, the chairs are comfortable, the colors are stimulating, and if necessary, there are even special relaxation corners, where you can go and relax for a while.

Solid coworking offices offer much more:

- conference rooms where investors, customers, guests, colleagues, etc. can be invited.
- state-of-the-art equipment that can be used, for example, to display a presentation during a conference
- frequently organised meetings and courses where you can improve your qualifications and learn something new (but which, of course, are not mandatory)
- The opportunity to meet creative, passionate people from many industries, which can help us in business.
Above all, coworking provides flexibility - you still don't have to show up when you're sick, you can choose the days you want to be in the office and the time you spend in it, and you can set everything in advance by paying for hours.


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