Copywriting - a few ways to make a name for yourself in the industry


Copywriting, i.e. creating effective texts, slogans and advertising slogans, is becoming more and more popular. Not so long ago few people knew what a copywriter does, and nowadays many people declare their willingness to practice this profession.

Is it easy to become a copywriter? It all depends on the skills and individual predispositions of the person concerned. Sometimes a little bit of luck is also useful. To some, although they do not have much experience yet, orders fall into their hands, other copywriters, despite the fact that for several years they have been operating in the industry and writing quite well, they are still forced to actively search for customers. What's the difference?

Be communicative

It turns out that it is extremely important not only whether you can write and engage readers, but also how you communicate with a potential client. If you are not able to establish a positive relationship with him, and the cooperation will take place in an unpleasant atmosphere, you can be sure that next time, if you are not one of the best copywriters in the country, the client will look for another contractor.

How do I stop a customer?

The most important advantage of a copywriter is, of course, effective and correct in terms of content and language. Without it, there can be no cooperation. However, this is not the only condition that must be met. Customers praise the cooperation with copywriters who:

  • they execute orders on time,
  • inform about the expected time of execution of the order,
  • are in constant contact with the customer,
  • respond quickly, efficiently and reliably to customer enquiries.

It is worth remembering that the cost of order execution, as determined by the copywriter, is not the most important criterion for selecting the contractor by the customer, who cares about the high quality of work done. Definitely more important is good workshop, punctuality, communicativeness and the possibility of quick contact.

Where do I start?

In order to exist in the industry and be known to a potential customer, it is necessary to reach them first. There are several ways. Not all of them will be as effective, not all of them will suit every person. It is worth choosing those that have the greatest chance of success or just try them all while analyzing their effectiveness.

Think about the blog

Many copywriters have their own blog pages where they write about life, food, travel and many other fascinating topics. Through their texts they present their own style and writing skills. The website usually also contains an invitation to contact us to establish cooperation. A few cleverly deleted sentences and a short portfolio, if a copywriter has one, may be a hit.

Your own blog is a great way to reach your customers, provided that the website is well positioned and visible in Google. This in turn can be a tedious and lengthy process. That is why I propose to leave blogging for the time when you will gain a position in the industry.

For a good start.

For a beginner copywriter a much better and faster option to reach the client may be to send a sample of his own, let's say 2 - 3 texts. They will be of key interest to advertising agencies and web positioning companies. It is worth noting, of course, that these texts may not be used without the prior consent of the author. You can also use the copywriter portals.

The first steps in copywriting can be difficult. Usually there are not very interesting orders for small amounts in the view. However, once you let your clients know you, you will show your erudition and ability to find yourself in a variety of subjects, it will be much better.


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