Loyalty marketing - what is it all about?


Loyalty programs. One of the most effective tools for building long-term customer relationships. You can choose from a variety of types to suit your business profile. It is also very important to take care of loyalty marketing itself when running such a system.

For who?

In fact, for almost everyone. Regardless of the industry, every entrepreneur wants to gain the trust of recipients of his services and encourage them to use them more often. Both grocery and clothing retail chains and even petrol stations and jewellers can set up their own loyalty programmes. However, before we take the first step, we must check the viability of such a system. If we know that our customers visit us quite rarely, but do not do too much shopping, it is better to postpone the idea for some time. In turn, when our business brings huge profits, but at fairly large intervals the loyalty program can be very hit. Everything I say depends on the margin.

Encourage with what?

There are several rules for running promotional schemes. These include, for example, appropriately planned loyalty marketing. It consists in appropriate promotion of the programme, not in an insistent but thoughtful way. Well chosen graphic design, clear rules and functionality are important elements of loyalty marketing. Let's also make sure that the customer himself has a positive opinion about our system. If we bet on a program based on prizes, we will not allow the situation to end before the time, or for some reason did not reach the person who should receive them. This may distort the positive image of the brand and at the same time make subsequent consumers more cautious about the programme.

What is worth knowing?

Loyalty marketing allows you to build relationships with new customers and to maintain and improve them with existing ones. This is not an easy task, as the whole process can take up to several months. However, if we arm ourselves with patience and an appropriate tool, the effect may be surprising.


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