5 most important trends in modern communication


Constantly progressing development of new technologies, changes in the way content is consumed, the growing role of new marketing-mix tools or the evolution in advertising are not without significance for the Public Relations industry. How does PR change? Which directions are the most significant at the moment? PR practitioners pointed out the key practices.

Traditional media lose out to the Internet - the consumption of content on the Internet is growing and the press is falling sharply. On average, Poles spend a little over 14 minutes a day reading the press, and on browsing the Internet - about a quarter of the time. 110 minutes. The media and their recipients are changing, the trends in Public Relations are also changing.

The bloom of Content Marketing - the twilight of PR?

Some experts argue that content marketing will take over the role that PR has played so far. Others, on the other hand, believe that the two areas are inextricably linked - in fact, they are complementary and there is no point in talking about replacing one with another. The Content Marketing Trends 2016 study shows that one of the biggest priorities facing content marketers is the creation of engaging content - 60%. It will be no different in the case of materials sent by a PR agency - engaging, substantive content is the basis.

Integrated communication is the key to success

Research shows that in the era of multi-channel and growing importance of new technologies, for 63% of marketers the highest priority is to integrate activities from all channels of reaching out to customers and communication directed to them. The advertising department, PR agency or social media team working for a given company cannot conduct their activities in isolation. Therefore, if a crisis situation occurs, for example, due to an unfortunate entry on the company's profile on a social networking site, thanks to efficient communication, public relations specialists can immediately proceed to solve the problem.

VIP PR, i.e. visionaries needed right away

Crowds need idols, and organizations and companies of leaders, who with their charisma and actions will kidnap millions. Leaders are needed and their huge potential is also seen by PR agencies. Therefore, more and more of them offer services related to the creation of the company's image by the person of the leader. He is the one who is supposed to company his face with various campaigns and deliver valuable, educational and engaging media content to the recipients of services. Around such a person is born a PR strategy for the company, and the increase in popularity of the leader will translate into greater brand recognition.

Visualization is important, but images are not everything.

Since the dawn of time, man has learned to process what he sees. It takes 0.1 seconds to understand the visual message, while the average time needed to read 200-250 words is about 60 seconds. Specialists emphasize that visual content will only gain in importance. The enrichment of press releases with photos or infographics is no longer an addition, but an integral part of the materials sent to the media. It is worth noting, however, that just as the content itself without any visualizations may not attract the attention of the reader, the same is not enough for journalists. The best results can be achieved by sending a complex material with unique visual content.


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