How to ensure high quality of real estate from the primary market?


Construction of real estate is a very dynamically developing part of the Polish market. Currently, more and more companies are being established, which are mainly engaged in housing construction. There is a clear desire in society for each family to have their own flat or house, and more and more often also for so-called singles.

New construction is an attractive alternative to apartments in units coming from the secondary market due to the modern technological solutions applied in them and the large possibilities in terms of space arrangement. It is also worth noting that the purchase of new buildings is also possible within the framework of state programmes, which cover part of the investment costs.

Competition among developers

The consequence of high demand for new flats and houses is the emergence of a large number of companies building such facilities. Apart from the brands known for years, more and more small companies that operate on local markets are appearing. In order to compete effectively in this increasingly tight market, it is necessary to have an attractive offer not only in terms of prices but also quality. It is also worth noting that in the real estate industry, location and facilities in the vicinity of the investment play a very important role. In order to attract customers, it is therefore necessary to take into account a number of criteria that will be crucial for potential buyers.

Quality in new construction

It is worth taking care of the high quality of the buildings. Building materials and techniques should not only comply with current legal requirements, but also ensure comfort and safety of buildings for many years to come. Unfortunately, it happens that developers do not pay due attention to it and newly built buildings have structural defects or require serious repairs in a very short period of time. In order to avoid such problems, it is advisable to hire a construction supervision inspector. This person represents the interests of the investor on the site and ensures that all works are carried out properly. An inspector of construction supervision checks the compliance of the works with the issued permits and the project. It also checks the quality of the building materials used and the correct execution of individual elements of the construction.


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