Overview of the most common positioning errors


Taking advantage of the opportunities created by the Internet, we gain a chance to run our business throughout the country, and even Europe and the world. If you decide to open an online store, you do not have to impose any restrictions on your location. However, we must not forget that searching for customers via the Internet is a big challenge. There is a lot of competition and the customer himself does not have to limit himself to visiting only one store.

If we want to give ourselves a chance for an effective promotion, we have to make sure that the shop address appears high in the search results. This can be achieved by organic positioning, among other things. Entrepreneurs who lack relevant experience often decide on their own positioning activities. Unfortunately, their effect is usually very serious errors. Which of them appear most often and how to avoid them?

Organic positioning characteristics

The term organic positioning occurs relatively often, and is often used interchangeably with the term natural positioning. Most often, it is identified with actions that contribute to achieving the highest possible position in search results for a given keyword on a given website. They are usually the responsibility of professional agencies providing SEO and SEM services. If the organic positioning is carried out in an incompetent way, you have to take into account that it will involve a waste of both time and money.

How to deal with mistakes

When we talk about positioning errors, we usually think about those websites that were positioned by amateurs and not professionals. Of course, this does not mean at all that every person thinking about promoting a website must use a specialist offer, but it is expected from them that they will have a specific knowledge in this area. The list of most common mistakes is an excellent way to realize which positioning traps are particularly dangerous.

First of all, no optimisation before positioning

SEO specialists have no doubt that forgetting about website optimization is one of the most serious positioning errors. So if it is to be effective, the website needs to be tailored to the needs of search engines and customers alike. If the website has not been properly designed, efforts to obtain valuable links may not be necessary. So you should think about optimizing, so that you do not pay too high a price for this error.

Secondly, too many keywords

The appearance of keywords on our website is very important, because Google considers it valuable, which allows us to index it. If we have too few of them, we cannot expect spectacular results. It turns out, however, that it is difficult to count on them even when there are too many such words. Search engine robots are equipped with algorithms analyzing excessive accumulation of keywords and recognizing such websites as spam. As a result, the chances of effective positioning are reduced.

Thirdly, inappropriate keywords

Even before producing keyword texts, it is important to consider which expressions are particularly important to us. You should therefore analyze the nature of the service provided or the product sold, and then enter into the search engine phrases that will directly relate to our needs. If the texts mentioned in the introduction are saturated with keywords that are not necessary from our point of view, the client will not be interested in using the possibilities promoted by us, expecting something else.

Fourthly, the lack of analysis

Many people forget that analysis is crucial even for those websites that are really well prepared for positioning. It is the analysis that allows us to find out which positioning activities are most effective, and it also allows us to eliminate numerous errors. Contrary to the fears of many people, it does not have to be a complicated task at all, as there are a number of tools to support this process. It is worth to reach for them and use them, because drawing conclusions determines the effectiveness of positioning to a large extent.

Fifth error - mutual exchange of links

A fairly common way to improve the position of a particular page in search results seems to be to promote it by placing links to it on other sites. This is not an ineffective solution, but it is advisable to be very careful on our part if we want to use it. The so-called mutual exchange of links must not be used, as this is a practice to which Google's robots have been particularly sensitive for a long time. A much better solution is therefore a creative link building.


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