Frequent training and business travel - equipment and solutions that may be of use


Business trips and trainings are an opportunity to improve qualifications, gain new business contacts and broaden your horizons. It's also the need to travel many miles to get there at the right time. How to make these trips easier? Which devices should be used for training and during the training?

GPS navigation - a must-have for training and meetings

To cover a well-known route (for example between home and work) you don't need to start navigation, because you know exactly what each junction is. If you're going a little further - to the other end of the city, out of town or across the country - navigation can be useful, and it's very useful.

GPS navigation is a device without which it is difficult to imagine travelling by car. Although it is worthwhile to orient yourself in the field and more or less know the route (this may be useful in case of a breakdown), it is still the most convenient and fastest way to travel with the navigation in the car. The navigation device will not only calculate the travel time and update it constantly, but will also calculate the best route to your destination, alert you of over speeding and indicate the nearest car park (details and functionality depend on the specific model of the device).

Although navigation is nowadays replaced by applications for mobile phones, independent navigation devices are still popular and are rightly considered a very good choice. The offer of GPS navigation is so wide that before buying it is worth to get acquainted with the issues that should be taken into consideration when buying, and the appropriate purchase guide will be helpful.

Tablet in a keyboard case

Using apps, listing, emailing and presenting content to others is convenient on devices that are slightly larger than a smartphone. Laptops are quite big, however, and it doesn't always make sense to carry them with you and weight them. The optimal solution for most trips and trainings will be a tablet.

To improve its basic functionality and be able to use it almost as conveniently as a classic laptop, it is worth choosing a case with a keyboard for a tablet. This way, you won't have to use the touch keyboard to type or search for information.

Car radio

If you drive mainly by car for business trips, you should equip yourself with a good quality car radio and a stock of your favorite music records. Nothing shortens the road like good music, interesting programmes or audiobooks. Listening to the radio or music makes even standing in traffic doesn't seem like such an unpleasant experience. It is hard to imagine the need to travel many kilometers without listening to the radio or music. Car radio, antenna and a stock of compacts is something worth buying.


Trainings and meetings like to drag on, and often use a variety of mobile devices. Most often these are smartphones, but sometimes also tablets. The batteries of these devices may be discharged, and we will not always be able to immediately connect to an electrical outlet and use a classic charger. That's why it's worth having a capacious powerbank with you, which will allow you to charge the battery in your smartphone or tablet without much trouble.

Trips, trainings and meetings are an opportunity to establish new business relations, broaden horizons and develop a career, but also to diversify your work, learn about new trends and technologies. In order for business trips not to be an unpleasant obligation, it is worth taking care of their comfort and conditions. It is worth to buy appropriate equipment that will diversify your trip and help you work comfortably during your trip. Not only a smartphone and charger, but also a powerbank, car radio and GPS navigation seem to be essential. We can feel the huge benefit of having a tablet with a keyboard or a lightweight ultrabook.


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