E-learning - is the industry facing a revolution?


E-learning platforms have been known for over 15 years. Their obvious advantages have meant that they are now used in many organisations. They allow to achieve the assumed training objectives in a very effective way and at the same time reduce costs. They are also a good way to deal with the inaccessibility of trainers or training centres.

Modern technologies make e-learning platforms even better able to respond to the needs of both organizations and end users. Does it mean that the industry is facing the dam of the revolution that is expected in e-commerce, for example?

Increasing the importance of m-learning

The widespread use of mobile devices has had an impact on the training industry. Today, smartphones are not only used for entertainment. Of course, social media and instant messengers are and will continue to be very popular. However, the data clearly shows that mobile devices are increasingly being used as work tools.

The use of mobile applications as carriers of training materials has many advantages. The first is mobility, which means that training can be displayed to the user at any time and anywhere. Another big advantage is the possibility to use augmented reality, thanks to which training is not only more effective, but also more interesting.

Machine Learning is growing in importance

This technology will play an important role in many areas, including remote training. The ability to immediately analyze large databases and immediately take the necessary actions will allow, among other things, to adapt training programs to the current and actual needs of the company.

Machine Learning also enables you to build maximum personalised training. This means that each participant can acquire knowledge in a way that is adapted to their current level of knowledge and needs. Modern e-learning platforms can also adjust the course of training to the preferences of its participants, which makes it more interesting and engaging.

Increase in the importance of Microlearning

The use of mobile devices and intelligent training systems results in dynamic development of another area of remote training, i.e. Microlearning. What's that? What's that? This is the preparation of short, 5-10 minute, training pills.

Courses in the "micro" formula are generally considered to be a very good solution. For example, they allow workers to be trained without being detached from their duties for long periods of time. Thanks to the use of smartphones, short courses can be prepared in a very interesting form - for example as video files - which allows you to increase the involvement of training users by up to 50 percent.

Surveys summarizing the progress of the trained staff may also be attractive. On their basis, self-learning training systems can identify thematic areas for further training, thus increasing the efficiency of the whole learning process.

The above examples allow us to state that the impact of new technologies and current market trends on the e-learning industry will be very large. It concerns both box solutions and dedicated software for companies. The benefits of mobile technologies and machine learning are too great to be ignored.


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