An effective public relations agency. What should I pay attention to when choosing a PR agency?


More and more Polish enterprises are beginning to notice the advantages of communication activities. PR is now present not only in the largest, international corporations - also medium and small companies boldly and willingly invest in this area of activity, using the services of professional public relations agencies. How to choose the best one?

The key to success in the field of public relations is a well thought out choice of agency. Only a professional and trusted partner is able to guarantee the company effective PR. How to find one? Below we present a few tips, which are worth paying special attention to.

Defining your own needs

It is worth starting your search for a PR agency with a short self-analysis. Clearly defining the most important aspects of our activities and short- and long-term objectives will allow us to clarify expectations towards the agency. The analysis should include answers to the following questions:

  • How does our current market situation look like?
  • What are our core business objectives?
  • What does our ideal model of cooperation with partners and subcontractors look like?
  • How did our PR activities look like so far?
  • What do we expect from a public relations agency?

Preparation of the brief

When we are able to determine our own expectations, we can proceed to prepare a brief, which will serve as a basic document in the tender. It is worth putting a lot of effort into preparing a brief - the more detailed and refined it is, the easier it will be for us to find a suitable partner. The document should contain:

  • information about the company and a description of its current situation (initial situation) - we can use part of the information collected within the framework of the self-analysis;
  • Presentation of expectations towards PR agencies;
  • the scope of the tasks envisaged;
  • presentation requirements provided by the agencies;
  • the criteria for selecting the agency.

Sending out a brief

A ready document can be sent to agencies that specialize in corporate PR. The biggest PR agencies are not the only places where it is worth looking for partners! The most powerful giants in the public relations industry are often unable to give their individual clients the attention they deserve. Therefore, we should pay special attention to companies which, despite a stable position on the market, maintain an individual attitude towards their customers (an example of such an agency can be the renowned Warsaw-based Consultingandmore team).

Choosing the right partner

First of all, let us remember that a low price cannot be the only argument in favour of an agency. When choosing a partner for your company, let's follow the experience and achievements of the agency (especially with regard to such activities that we would like to entrust to it). Let us also not underestimate the ordinary agreement - if we feel that the representative of a given agency understands our needs well and is broadcasting on similar waves - the future cooperation promises to be not only successful, but also pleasant.

Let us remember that the agency we entrust with public relations will become an ambassador of our company's image. The decision to choose the right partner should therefore never be made hastily. It should be preceded by a sound analysis of both one's own situation and the expectations of the PR agencies.


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