Cooperation with the agency in the film setting of corporate events and events - a practical mini guide


You are organizing an event that requires a cinematic setting and you have already chosen an agency that will take on this task. See what you should remember to make your cooperation stress-free and the end result really good.

First of all, communication

A fundamental issue to keep in mind is an efficient communication flow between you, the event agency, the service of the venue and possible third parties (e.g. speakers at the conference). Make sure that everyone has their own copy of the scenario of the event, presenting its exact course. If you make any changes to it, make sure that everyone is informed about them.

Complete and share your list of important contacts. Make sure that the agency organizing the film/photographic setting is in constant contact with the hotel/event room staff in order to plan the best possible equipment needed during the event (e.g. additional lighting or sound system).

Second, the general rehearsal

At least 3-4 hours before the event or in the evening of the previous day (if the event takes place in the morning), plan a general rehearsal. Necessarily at the venue of the event and with the equipment that will be used during the event. Don't trust assurances that the projector was working at the last conference and the presentation you're about to display will play on any computer. Test everything beforehand - if there are any problems, there will still be time to solve them. Organise a briefing for the entire team involved in the event, make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are.

Thirdly, the timetable

From the very beginning of cooperation with the agency, establish a schedule of work. Specify the deadlines for each party to fulfil its obligations - e.g. when you will have the final scenario of the event, which will allow the agency to plan the work, or when you will be given a film report or a picture of the event.

You can ask for some photos to be delivered immediately after or during the event (so that you have press or social media material at your disposal) and set a deadline for submitting all the materials after the event. Clear rules and specific deadlines will avoid possible misunderstandings.


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