Which household appliances do we buy most often? TOP 4


Furnishing a house or apartment is a great fun, but also a big expense - you have to pay the crew, demolish the walls, lay floors, and also buy a lot of necessary equipment. Before that, we need to take some time to compare the specifications of the different models and make sure we spend the money right. Are you curious to know what we spend the most money on decorating a house? Here are our TOP 4 most frequently purchased household appliances.

Washing machine

One of the things that has to be in every house is the washing machine. Here we can confidently recommend Samsung QuickDrive, Beko or Amica devices. The offer on the market is so wide that everyone will find a model ideally suited to their needs and financial capabilities. There are models rich in features and modern solutions - such as Samsung Quick Drive or Amica Steam Touch, as well as simpler, more classic washing machines. We also have a large selection of sizes - washing machines with a large capacity of 10kg for large families or washing machines loaded from the top to a small bathroom.

Electric cooker

Among the most popular household appliances, there must also be an electric cooker. Many manufacturers use new technological solutions to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their equipment. This is what Electrolux and Samsung do. It is worthwhile to review the specification beforehand and choose the one that suits you - it depends on how often and what you prepare. If we usually eat out, a simpler model is all we need.


If we buy an electric cooker and a Samsung QuickDrive, Beko or Amica washing machine, we start watching TVs. In fact, television is not something we need to have right away, but it is on the list. Although we don't have to buy it immediately, we usually do - many of us can't imagine a morning or an evening without watching the chosen program. We are happy to even decide on a loan or credit in order to be able to afford this purchase. The offer is huge, and the use of new technologies and great quality screens tempts us additionally.


The next thing we want to have right away is a desktop or laptop computer. It is usually an entertainment centre for us, but it is also a working tool. It is hard to imagine functioning without it. It is worth to carefully review the parameters, because they will determine the quality and speed of work. A laptop gives us more possibilities because it's mobile - we don't have to use it only at our desk.

Among the fastest purchased equipment is also a fridge and an oven. Then there is the dishwasher and the coffee maker. We can usually wait for these products to be purchased, but they are usually planned at the beginning.


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