How do I take care of my eyes while working in front of the monitor?


Many people now do office work. They spend eight hours, and sometimes more, in front of a monitor. At first, most people do not feel any discomfort, but it quickly turns out that the eyes are no longer functioning properly. Why is a computer monitor so bad for human eyesight? For many years, it has been claimed that the radiation emitted by the monitor is responsible for the negative impact on the eyes. It should be pointed out at once that this is a myth. So, what causes us to refuse to obey after a few hours of work? It's worth finding out if you have the ability to protect your eyes. After all, they are to serve us for many years.

Why is it harmful to your eyes to work in front of a computer?

Working in front of a computer monitor, the eye is forced to stare at one point for hours at a close distance. This means that the muscle responsible for the accommodation (mobility) of the eyeball is still tense. Akomodation is a change in the shape of a lens. This situation leads to the formation of a so-called dry eye syndrome. It manifests itself among others: blurred vision, heavy eyelids, redness, tiredness, sometimes even double vision.

At work, most people stare at the computer as if they were hypnotized. We probably don't even realize it. Therefore, we slowly stop blinking. Blinking is very important because it spreads moisture all over the eye. Unfortunately, while working in front of the monitor, our eyes dry out almost instantly, and we do not perform any natural eyelid movements. In this case, do not use the drops without consulting your doctor. Some of the specifics that can be purchased in pharmacies have an anti-inflammatory effect and this further increases irritation and redness of the eyes. Therefore, it is worth to buy special glasses.

computer glasses

Computer glasses

According to labour law, there is a 5-minute break per hour of work. It's a good idea to look away from your computer, so your eyes can rest. Another way to protect your eyesight is to use special glasses. Even if you do not have any visual impairment, you can buy a model that is equipped with a special anti-reflection coating. These glasses are commonly referred to as kindergarten glasses because they have no dioptres. The purpose of an anti-reflective coating is to eliminate the light reflections that are reflected by the computer. Nowadays, it is a standard in practically every optical salon.

Where to buy computer glasses?

The purchase of glasses for computers is becoming more and more often a necessity. That's why it's worth looking for a place where every copy sold is of the highest quality.


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