Do you want to be a really good event manager? Here's three pieces of advice for you.


The work of an event organiser requires great flexibility, creativity and courage. As someone who works for clients in a variety of industries, he or she must understand and fully respond to their needs. What counts here is first and foremost intuition, but also the ability to plan and anticipate. Event manager should be aware of the consequences and consequences of events that can surprise you many times in this industry. The work in this position is a constant development. Countless diverse projects include the continuous acquisition of knowledge and competence. If you want to be a really good event manager, please read the following tips.

Event manager's work

What is most characteristic in the work of an event manager is, above all, the fast pace and dynamics of work. Organization of trainings, events or company meetings is associated with many challenges, as well as getting to know new places and people. A good event manager must be multi-tasking and creative. It should solve problems quickly and, just as importantly, prevent them in advance. In this industry, the ability to work in a team, knowledge of the latest trends and openness to new technologies is extremely important.

Due to the dynamic development of the industry, the position of event manager is primarily intended for multi-tasking people who are able to combine many different fields, such as design, art or digital. The ability to manage is also extremely important. After all, the organization of an event is connected with taking care of their various aspects - including room rental, set design, lighting and sound system or even catering. In addition, there is also the knowledge of legal regulations, as well as responsibility for agreements, contracts, copyrights....

So what are the three most important features that an event manager should have?

organisation of training courses

1. effective time management

Organization of trainings and conferences is a very big challenge for every event manager. It requires a lot of work and time. Effective time management is a key skill in organizing various types of events. Everything should be at its last button, but delays in this industry are often inevitable. In order to effectively manage your time, you need to plan skillfully. A good plan allows you to adapt quickly to changing conditions and prevent unwanted situations.

2. Resistance to stress

Research conducted by Forbes shows that the event manager is in fifth place in the ranking of the most stressful professions. A key skill in this position is therefore a high level of stress resistance.

Stress accompanies a manager at almost every stage of planning and organizing an event. The organisation of conferences, trainings and other events is characterised by a high degree of unpredictability. In the work of event manager everything can happen. Keeping calm even in the most difficult moments is the most important thing in this profession.

3. high interpersonal skills

The organization of an event, especially at the initial stage, is associated primarily with making a large number of phone calls, exchanging e-mails and holding meetings. High communicativeness and openness are the key features of this profession. Increased empathy, kindness and persuasiveness are also needed.

Contacts are also important in event manager's work. The more contacts you have, the more chance you have to get things done quickly. The person in this position must constantly cooperate not only with journalists, but also with known people, whom he invites to participate in events he or she organises.

Event manager is a very specific profession, which requires above all excellent organization, ability to make decisions quickly and take full responsibility for them. In this position, effective time management, creative approach, ability to quickly establish contacts, openness and resistance to stress are extremely important.

Every event is created by people. These are people responsible for, among other things, preparing the room, set design or catering. A good event manager should cooperate effectively with them. For a project to be successful it is necessary to have a good team and a skilful management from the side of the event manager.


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