Social media - where and how to be?


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat or Youtube? Which social media channel to choose to show your company, products or services most effectively? How do they differ and how do they resemble each other? These questions are now being asked in many companies with active marketing policies. The question today is not "whether to enter social media", but "in which" and "how".

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook provided private individuals with the opportunity to post the so-called "Report of the Day". In the form of photos or a film we can show a specific group of people what we did, with whom and where we did it. This function, confusingly similar to those offered on a snap-chat, is another manifestation of the digitalisation of our lives. Photographs of it in graphic form. Abbreviated and simplified. Easy and (generally) pleasant to receive.

It is also another step in the process of continuous modification and improvement of social media, which, although so young, give suppliers of products and services almost unlimited scope to present their offers. Through graphics - photos and images, short comments, funny (or vice versa - very serious and engaged) videos, brands around the world direct a constant message through social media. Many experts believe that the future of marketing and advertising lies here, not in traditional mass media. Not the standard one we're used to, of course. A new relationship, based on emotions, as well as the closest and most frequent contact with the audience.

The strength of social media lies in its diversity and in enabling it to reach out to diversified customer groups - exactly the ones that a particular entrepreneur cares about. Theoretically, there is something different on each channel, but as the last practice shows, everywhere the message begins to revolve around simplification, image.... How, as a brand, not to get lost in it? Where to communicate? The answer is, as always, to consider well who our target group is, where they spend their time online and how they consume social media.

Fortunately, not only social media specialists (also adequately called "Social Media Ninja Master") have access to detailed statistics on those who look at particular channels. Thanks to such data we can see where - as a company - we can meet our potential customer and intensify our presence there. - However, it should be remembered that social media are very dynamic and changeable. Therefore, it is really worth to decide to cooperate with agencies or specialists who will help in the full and most optimal use of the opportunities offered by social media. Otherwise, it is easy to get lost in them and create a message that may not only not help our brand, but may even contribute to the risk of image crises.


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