Oracle Eloqua - what is it and why does it help in the company?


Every business owner is aware of the importance of visibility and brand awareness in the relevant market. Few people, however, know how to effectively promote and position their company. The solution in this case are marketing tools - automated and collected on one common platform.

How to effectively promote your company?

Even the most advantageous offer or the best service will remain unanswered if it is not properly communicated and highlighted on the Internet. For this to happen, marketing and image communication people use a number of tools: from the preparation of texts saturated with keywords (the so-called SEO, or search engine optimization) through content marketing (e.g. running a trade blog or sending viral advertisements). The use of these procedures is time-consuming and costly, especially if the entire creative strategy is imposed on one employee or freelancer. In order to reduce marketing expenses and shorten the time of task completion, multi-level and multi-tasking "image promoter" services were introduced to the market using only one platform. An example of such a multitasker is Oracle Eloqua platform - one of the most recognizable among marketing environments.

What does promoting the company mean?

A natural result of using marketing and promotion tools is an increase in the company's recognition on the market. A characteristic claim, a coherent branding policy or a logotype that is easy to remember are examples of elements that will be communicated using the company's promotion. This clearly translates into sales and profits - both will start to grow gradually, maximizing the efficiency of the company and generating higher and higher incomes. Not without significance is also the issue of reputation and reputation in the market - these factors can also be strengthened by promoting the company. However, one should be careful not to exaggerate the promotion - there is a very thin line between subtle communication and pushy embedding, the crossing of which may permanently alienate many recipients.

Acquire new customers or take care of existing ones?

Playing a significant role among companies in the relevant market would not be possible only by gaining new customers or "loyalty" of those who have already used the services of our company. The vast majority of entrepreneurs focus only on attracting new customers, while underestimating the role of relationship marketing, whose task is to "concrete" regular customers in an attractive way. We can of course use newsletters or collective mailing (which is most often reflected by deafening echoes), but we can also use interesting loyalty programs or introduce the so-called loyalty cards, which - in addition to being gratified for our customers - allow you to promote the company's so-called slippery mail. Finding the "golden mean" between acquiring new customers and taking care of existing ones is one of the key tasks performed by marketing automation platforms.


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