What is the SEM campaign?


Internet marketing nowadays gives us a wide range of possibilities. With its help, we can promote virtually any page to attract many new users. One of the most popular and effective forms of online promotion is SEM campaigns. What are they?

SEM is Search Engine Marketing in English, which translates as Search Engine Marketing in search engines. This term refers to two types of promotional activities, namely sponsored link campaigns, mainly Google AdWords, and SEO, i.e. optimization and positioning of websites.

The main task of SEM is to achieve an optimal position for a website depending on the search results - natural ones, to which SEO refers, as well as paid ones, i.e. AdWords campaigns. SEM campaigns are conducted with the use of keywords relating to the promoted website, which are entered into the search engine by the Internet users. SEO and sponsored link campaigns differ from each other.

SEO is an activity conducted on the website - optimization, and outside the website - positioning. They consist mainly in cataloguing pages and creating valuable content about them and publishing them online. As a result, the position of addresses in the search engine goes up and is more visible.

On the other hand, the sponsored AdWords links campaigns are based on tools provided by Google. The payment is then made in the PPC model, i.e. Pay Per Click - paying per click, i.e. the presentation of the advertisement does not cost yet, and the fee is charged only after clicking on it. AdWords ads are published over natural search results in marked boxes.

If we want to conduct SEM activities, a media agency that focuses on e-marketing will be a good choice.


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