Artificial intelligence - the way to a video marketing revolution?


artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence enables brands to make data-driven decisions. This is extremely effective because it allows you to choose an effective tactic based on extremely accurate targeting and optimization. Today, we are witnessing a steady increase in video consumption and the involvement of the audience in the content it conveys. In addition, more and more professionals believe that of all online content, it is video that provides the best ROI.

AI in the marketing strategy

Video content will become even more engaging as brands can now create content based on data and consumer preferences. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can easily gain broad knowledge about your customers. The information that modern technology provides is the key to creating a better marketing strategy. As you know, the audience is only involved in content that reflects their interests.

AI vs. personalization

There are many reasons why personalized marketing is an essential part of any strategy. Not only does it increase engagement, but it also allows to create a more individualised message in the digital space, which customers expect. More and more brands are recognising that personalised video content is leading to higher levels of engagement and are therefore increasingly using it in their operations. Over the next few years, artificial intelligence will probably open the door to opportunities that will certainly satisfy all customers.


In the case of many companies, especially smaller ones, the decision to invest in new channels requires certainty of a good ROI. AI analytics gives you the opportunity to check what profit the individual actions will bring. Additionally, analytics allows for the creation of many creations and tests that give information about the reaction to the content data. AI also allows you to deliver real-time updates so that marketers can optimize their operations on an ongoing basis.

Internet users spend most of their time online watching movies. Therefore, many of them may perceive the advertisements they are not interested in as burdensome. Recent research shows that customers are much more likely to buy products they have seen in video ads than they have read about. In addition, AI allows social media promotion to be improved through artificial intelligence-based inter-channel advertising platforms. The use of this technology will also ensure that the right group is reached, thus ensuring higher conversion rates at lower costs.

Where are we headed?

The constant increase in the number of companies investing in video content proves their effectiveness. Artificial intelligence will have a clear impact on the future of marketing by offering brands the ability to customize content and shape strategies through analytics. That's why AI is and will continue to be an important tool to help brands develop the right video content for the target audience.


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