What is an Internet domain?


Internet domains are the basis for creating a website. This is the name that appears in the address bar. Services such as email, FTP server and websites can be shared under a domain. The most popular tip in Poland is .pl. A subdomain is a subdomain created within a domain. It is preceded by the prefix "www". A subdomain is used to create separate thematic sections.

Internet domains when setting up a website

When setting up a website, a domain is required. This is the name under which you can find your website on the Internet. One domain always corresponds to one page. So if someone purchased a given address, then no-one can register there. All services, such as e-mail, FTP server and web pages, are available under this name.

Domain Terminals - what should I choose?

The end of the domain starts after the end of the page address. This element indicates the scope and nature of the website. The main types of tips are:

  • .pl - names for Polish websites;
  • .fr, .de, uk, .it - extensions to other countries;
  • .com - a website from the international market;
  • .net - a tip designed for companies whose content is closely related to the Internet;
  • .org - extension for non-profit associations, organisations and institutions;
  • .edu - the end is addressed to educational institutions;
  • .gov - a name for governmental and political parties.

How to choose a good domain name?

If a small business is developing, it is worth focusing on one end (.pl or .com). But when business starts to grow, it is good to buy out the enlargement for the Member States as well. It is not recommended to use Polish characters on websites, so it is better to choose names that do not contain, ę, ź, ó, ć, etc. There must be no break in the domain, also a hyphen is used instead of a space.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is an address created within the main domain. It is usually created to identify subpages for specific topics. The end of a subdomain is always the domain itself. So if the domain is xxxxxxx.pl, then the subdomain can be e.g. kontakt.xxxxx.pl. Creating these subpages is free of charge and there is no quantitative limit. They are usually used to distinguish between different service elements. The subdomain can also be used for server separation, where there are multiple databases. Prefix "www" precedes pages with subdomains. Subpages are often used to determine the language version of a given country, e.g. pl.xxxxx.pl, en.xxxxx.pl, en.xxxxx.pl. The subdomain also applies to e-mail addresses. Internet users can use the e-mail account usually on the website Poczta.xxxxx.pl.


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