Advertising pens - 3 uses


Advertising from the very beginning of its existence has changed its form many times. Former posters, announcements and leaflets in the press were gradually replaced by radio, television and cinema advertisements. At the same time, big neon signs and other forms of street advertising appeared. Today, effective promotion of a company is connected with building a brand image. For this purpose, various gadgets are used, including advertising pens. Find out when you can use them.

Advertising pens are one of the most popular gadgets in every industry. Here are 3 ways to use them. Find out where and when to use pens with company logos.

Gift for customers

Advertising pens are often distributed to customers when they shop, after signing a contract or together with a set of other gadgets. It is a nice gift, and its price is small, so even small start-ups can afford to buy several hundred advertising pens. Additionally, it is a practical gadget, which can be used at home or at work by almost every endowed customer.

Necessary in the office

A ballpoint pen is one of the most important accessories in the office. In companies dealing with customer service, advertising pens can be used by employees as a daily work tool. The accessory is essential for signing contracts, filling in various forms and invoices, so it is used every day. A ballpoint pen with a company logo helps to create a uniform brand image and increase the memorability of a company logo.

Advertising pens for trade fairs

Promotional pens with logos are also useful at trade fairs. They can be placed at any stand and then handed out to the interested parties together with leaflets or other advertising materials. Often, giving a pen gives much better results than the leaflet itself, because the practical gadget reminds you of the company's offer much longer than the excise duty.

How to order advertising pens?

Pens with logos can be ordered from a company that produces advertising gadgets. It selects the type of pen, the material from which it is to be made, the colour scheme and the print to be placed on the gadget. Due to the size of pens, it is difficult to place a complicated logo on them, so they are sometimes replaced by the name of the company or the slogan used by it. Importantly, the logo can be printed or embossed on the pen casing for any visual effect.


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