Do you love music? Choose your Hi-End equipment!


Until recently, Hi-End equipment was reserved only for the wealthiest connoisseurs of music. Every year, however, it is becoming more and more popular, and now it is used not only by professionals, but also ordinary consumers who want to enjoy the beauty of music every day. Their quality compared to the average price is much better and we can discover the true, deep beauty of the musical world.

Heed Audio, Octave Audio, Denon, Bang&Olufsen - these are only a few well-known manufacturers whose offer is worth paying special attention to. After using the Hi-End equipment, many people discover a true passion for music, wanting to discover more and more interesting sounds.

Hi-End equipment is made of exceptional materials, so the design is as refined as the modern technologies used in it. Columns, headphones, amplifiers, cables - some companies offer a very wide range of high quality products.

Hi-End tube amplifiers

The quality of sound coming from a tube amplifier is much higher than the sound offered by some manufacturers of transistor amplifiers. Full, vivid, dynamic and beautifully saturated sounds will conquer the heart of many audiophiles. Until recently, tube amplifiers were perceived as professional equipment, which you can use, but you need to know how to use it. At this point, most models are equipped with a remote control or headphone jack, and all you need to do is turn the amplifier on and off. What's more, Hi-End tube amplifiers are much less fail-safe than medium-quality equipment, and their sound is warmer and much more saturated.

Heed AudioHi-End headphones

Clean, clear sound reserved only for you? If you want to break away from your surroundings and enter a world of music that will take you to completely different regions, choose Hi-End headphones. This is a unique opportunity to see how much their sound differs from the cheap plastic headphones we can buy in every kiosk. They are often equipped with a microphone, and some of their elements are sometimes made of natural leather. What is more, such equipment does not have to weight our bag - there are very light audiophile headphones, which we can take with us literally anywhere.

Hi-End turntables

A great option for all those who are looking for equipment with a truly unique look and feel while still being able to listen to high quality sound. What's more, on such equipment you can listen to remastered vinyl records, which sound completely different than standard CDs. When buying this type of equipment it is worth to pay attention to the phono cartridge, because it determines the final effect of the whole sound. The most commonly used arm pads are ½ inch; sometimes you may also come across a p-mount connector (14p).

Power amplifiers

They are responsible for current efficiency and the achievement of the required power. Although for many people it may seem like a completely unnecessary element of audio equipment, it is they who can check that we will find ourselves almost in the very centre of music. If you don't have integrated equipment or would like the sound to be more powerful than the amplifier you have at the moment, it's worth taking a closer look at the power amplifiers. What's more, they often work better than the preamplifiers themselves. They work well in the living room as well as in spaces where loud and clear sound is really needed, such as fitness centres.


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