When to send email marketing campaigns?


You know that email is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. However, some of your messages have great results, others have much worse results... Often it does not depend only on the creation - the reason may be the shipping time. When is it best to send email marketing campaigns?

Is there an ideal time to send an email marketing campaign?

If you think that in this article you will find advice in the style "send an e-mail to your customers on this day and at this time and you will sell all the goods from the warehouse"... you are wrong. Every industry and every business is different from each other, so there is no one universal ideal time to send an email marketing campaign.

How to choose the best moment to send your campaign?

Statistically, the largest number of e-mails goes to a meeting with recipients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, most often in the morning. Is this the best time? We will share with you some very important information that will allow you to find the perfect timing for the dispatch of your campaign.

First of all, you need to research your website, its traffic, your visitors. It is thanks to this data that you are able to determine who the recipient of your campaign is (especially if they subscribe to the database mainly through a form placed on the website). Plan your shipment so that it reaches the inboxes before your customers and potential customers are most active.

Remember also that the fixed time and day of shipment work in "normal" circumstances - completely different can behave your recipient in exceptional situations, such as before Christmas or Valentine's Day.

All this information (and much more!) is supported by hard numerical data that you will find in one study - the email marketing report is based on the experience of entrepreneurs from various industries and fields.

Don't be forgotten!

And the most important advice - email marketing allows you to build a lasting relationship with your newsletter recipients... as long as you send your messages REGULARY. If you interest the addressee once in your message, there is a greater chance that he or she will want to read another one. And every next one!


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