Positioning with the use of the full potential of the service, is it worth it?


There you go. A new graphic design, well-designed website of your company. By the way, you've refreshed the old logo and adjusted the whole image to suit your Corporate Identity. You can proudly sit in an armchair and drink cream. Now it's gonna sell itself.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The SEO has to go into action. According to the Verisign report, there are more than 340 million web addresses worldwide. Their number is constantly increasing. The most popular are still the addresses in the .com domain. They account for almost 40% of all websites on the web.

Almost 3 million websites are registered in Poland. It is this amount that should be the reason for you to professionally position your website. In the thicket of google ads and the work done by your competitors, google positioning is a better position in the most popular search engine. Simple? It just sounds simple. Because the road to good website positioning is quite long and winding. So what to do to appear high in search engines? And then stay there for longer? Check which steps will bring you closer to effective positioning of your website.

The first step, i.e. positioning of the website based on using the full potential of the website.

Remember, even if you have many subpages, each of them works on the overall positioning of the page. Treat your website as an organism in which every organ must be healthy. The content on each site must meet the needs of users, answer their questions, and provide value. The content on each page must be interesting and original. On each of them you have to complete and differentiate the titles and descriptions. Take care to keep them long enough. It also ensures that the titles are matched to the content of a given subpage. It is also very important to choose the right keyword mapping strategy for all subpages. This is because the links you get later cannot all lead to the start page.

When creating content for a website, follow a simple rule: write with the user in mind, optimize for google robots. And for them both, each subpage must be unique, reliable, interesting and of high quality. Thanks to this approach your websites will be easier to find in Google search engine. There are also a few websites that do not require as much attention as the contact page, privacy policy, etc.

The second step is a professional keyword analysis.

Keywords. They are to a large extent responsible for the success of further SEO activities. Keywords are a short description created for google robots. They are designed to help the user find the right page for the website he is looking for. To find the best keywords, you need to know how internet users navigate the web and how they search for information. Let's take a concrete example. You are selling sports shoes and the user is looking for "good running shoes". If you have properly planned your keywords, your website will appear high, as one of the suggestions in the Google search engine.

Where do we get them? Intuition? Nothing could be further from the truth, even if you have a perfect one. Customers may call your services products completely different than you think. You have to choose the best keywords for your industry and profile. The tools based on user search will help you to do this. Key phrase analysis will not only help you optimize your website. It will also be useful for Ad Words strategy and link building. And remember: keywords are not eternal. Evolve like consumer behaviour and expectations.

On the market you have many tools that will help you in this process. For example, in the Polish Senuto tool you will find a database of keywords that allows you to search for new keywords, with advanced ability to filter their parameters. For example, a search forecast, a position for a domain or a number of words. Keywords analysis is facilitated by several additional tools such as "dependent words". "Question generator" or "word statistics".

With the help of such tools as Ahrefs, Majestic, or SemStorm you can also check which keywords your competitors position themselves on and use them to professionally position your website. The next step in the positioning of the website is also monitoring of active campaigns. This will allow you to check the value of the selected keywords in practice. If it turns out that the results are not satisfactory, you have to start the whole process from the beginning.


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